Clinical and Behaviour Support

Clinical and Behaviour Support

When a loved one exhibits challenging behaviours, a family member or a legal representative will often resort to restrictive practices, which can sometimes make things worse. When we say Restrictive Practices, we’re referring to any actions that restrict a person of their freedom to move, with the intention of getting them out of harm’s way, but these practices often take away an individual’s rights and freedoms.


To further understand, the NDIS has developed a Behaviour Support plan that can help you or a family member improve the quality of life and minimise the use of restrictive practices, if not remove them completely.

What do our Clinical & Behaviour Support services do for you?

At Support Agency, we will help you understand the challenging behaviours you or a loved one might be displaying and devise a plan to help.


As your clinical and behaviour support coordinator, we can:

  • Examine the environments and possible triggers that cause behavioural concerns
  • Talk to the family members or friends to help them have a full grasp of the situation to avoid restrictive practices
  • Listen to your concerns to address them in the best way
  • Connect to a specialist that will look after your wellbeing
  • Assist in submission of reviews or paper works to the NDIS regarding your situation
  • Plan together to maximise the use of your fund to improve quality of life


Frequently Asked Questions

Behaviour Support Plan aims to reduce the use of restrictive practices and help replace challenging or dangerous behaviour with a positive behaviour, to improve the life and wellbeing of an individual with a disability. This is done through communications training, skills training, specialist care assistance and most importantly, educating family members or legal representatives about behavioural challenges.

Our role in your Clinical and Behaviour Support plan is to make sure we reduce the need for restrictive practices. We will help you in developing a positive behaviour framework, with strategies to begin to self-regulate challenging behaviour, and we’ll connect you to a specialist that will look after your health and wellbeing, and ensure that your family, relatives or legal guardian understand the reason for your behaviour. We will listen to your concerns so that together we can work out a plan that will suit you best, and keep you and your loved ones safe.