NDIS Specialist Support Coordination Provider and Allied Health Provider

NDIS Specialist Support Coordination Provider and Allied Health Provider


Are you struggling with your NDIS plan?
We are here to help.

Do you find you’re struggling to understand the National Disability Insurance Scheme, or you’re not quite sure how to make the most out of your plan?

Support Agency provides specialist support to guide you through every step of the process, to truly support you in your time of need.

We are here to advocate for you, and to ensure that your needs are met.

At Support Agency, we understand the challenges you’re facing and respect each person’s unique set of circumstances. We’ll work closely with you to provide tailored support to meet your needs.

Why choose us

We can help reach your objectives, no matter how big or small they may be.



Our team of staff have many years’ experience working with a variety of participants and the NDIS



Our education and expertise will help you understand how you can use your NDIS plan to meet your goals and needs



We are dedicated to advocating for each individual, and their unique set of circumstances


Solution Focused​

Our priority is to maximise our efforts to help you achieve your goals, and make the most of your NDIS plan

Our services

Guiding you every step of the way

Support Coordination

A Support Coordinator will go through the basics of what funding can be used where, setting up your online portal to keep an eye on your funds, and preparing for planner meetings to ensure your needs are met.

Specialist Support Coordination

Our Specialist Support Coordinators aid individuals in complex living situations, offering higher-level support. We assist you in overcoming challenges and securing the necessary funding where it's required.

Clinical and Behaviour Support

Is your loved one exhibiting challenging, unsafe, or inappropriate behaviour? Understanding and managing such behaviours can be difficult and distressing. Let us assist you in comprehending your situation and collaboratively finding the best solution.

Guidance to Accessing the NDIS

Dealing with disability support can be overwhelming. We'll assist with paperwork, evidence, and the initial planning meeting for a personalized and supportive plan.


Living with a disability can be challenging, impacting mental health. We offer specialised counselling for participants. Our registered counsellor is experienced in assisting individuals with disabilities and their families.

Music Therapy

Our registered music therapist is experienced in working with people of all ages and abilities, and we are committed to providing individualised care that meets the unique needs of each participant.

Who we are

Support Agency is a registered NDIS provider. We work strategically with you to help you achieve your goals, make the most of the scheme and navigate the sometimes complicated NDIS system. We believe that every individual should be able to access the support services they need. Our philosophy is to advocate for each individual; our expert support and highly experienced staff will tailor support to your specific circumstances and guide you through every step of the process.


Meet the team

Different stories. Different backgrounds



General Manager



Specialist Support Coordinator



Support Coordinator



Support Coordinator



Support Coordinator



Senior Psychologist & Behaviour Support Practitioner



Registered Music Therapist & Behaviour Support Practitioner



Behaviour Support Practitioner & Counsellor



Behaviour Support Practitioner



Behaviour Support Practitioner



Accounts Admin



General Admin



Digital Marketer

Hayley's testimonial

Read what she has to say about us

My name is Hayley Bellamy, and I have Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 2 which just makes it a little harder for me to do things myself on a day-to-day basis.

Before, it was hard to navigate the system by myself. [Ashlea] made that whole process so much easier... like a miracle worker... I couldn't do anything without you [Ashlea] now. I couldn't imagine going back. I just think it's so incredible.

In my new unit... It's a lot easier because I always know there's someone available to me if I need it. I'm just so much happier living in this environment, and it's made me so much more independent.

Registration and Compliance

Support Agency is a registered provider of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) delivering support, product or services to NDIS participants. The NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission regulates our organisation to guarantee national consistency, promote safety and high-quality services, address issues, and pinpoint areas for development.

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